We provide services in the five main areas:

1. Written translation

Translation – is a laborious and creative process. After the determination of the language, specificity and complexity of the order a curator of the project and a corresponding professional translator are appointed. The machine translation is absolutely excluded. Orders are divided into two types: corporate documents (contracts, documentation) and personal documents (licenses, certificates). All translations are carried out into 28 languages.

2. Oral translation (interpretation)

Interpretation is carried out both in Ukraine (receiving delegations, negotiations, support) and around the world as an interpreter-escort (negotiations, exhibitions, conferences). It is possible to order both simultaneous and consecutive translation into one of the 9 most popular languages.

3. Notarization

In accordance with Ukrainian law, the notary certifies the authenticity of translator’s signature, who is known to him personally. Our extensive database of contacts and well-established processes allow to realize a notarized translation with quality and as soon as possible.

4. Localization of the translation

Localization / adaptation – is a literary adaptation of translation, focused on a specific target audience and specific tasks of publication. Elements of an integrated approach to service delivery and one of the stages of preparation of the translation are: the preparation of the translated text for copying for the use of the translation by a specific audience within the organization, company, and firm.

5. Apostille of documents

In order to make a document legal in a different country, it is necessary to apostille it. Apostille – is a stamp that has clearly regulated sizes and lines, which appears in the document, thereby giving it legitimacy. An apostille is placed on the certificates of marriage, death, birth, diplomas, military ID etc. Apostille indicates a country, institution issuing the document, signatures of officials and other information according to the rules. A document with an apostille is recognized in another country as equivalent to the same document issued in its territory.

The cost of services is provided in the section – Rates.